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Our Mission

At Almeida Behavioral Therapy, LLC, our mission is to uphold the highest standards in providing the most effective, efficient,

ethical and honorable treatment, stemming from the scientific,

evidence-based practices of Applied Behavior Analysis. We provide ABA services to those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disorders to promote independence, acceptance, dignity and respect while resulting in socially significant changes,

increasing quality of life and meaningful futures.

What Makes Us Different? 

Almeida Behavioral Therapy, LLC stands by the small business model. While many ABA companies quickly grow in size with clinicians and clients,

we do the exact opposite. We follow the small business model to ensure that no client, family, clinician or elements for effective treatment get overlooked.

We enjoy being actively involved with our clients and families in order to provide the best treatment possible and we make sure that

our clinicians are continually trained, supported, and have all the

necessary skills, tools and resources for treatment delivery.

We Believe in Quality, Not Quantity.

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